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Lothian Maternity Support (LMS) UK wish you a warm welcome - Thank you for choosing our Maternity Support service, based near Edinburgh, Scotland. LMS specialise in bespoke Private Maternity Nursing support care and advice for women & their families, as well as offering Sleep Nurse, Doula Services, Placenta Encapsulation & Umbilical Cord Stem Cell Procurement.

Call our Office on 01506 414114 or 07720434345 to book Any of our Services listed Above

LMS provide a full range of maternity troubleshooting services in and around Edinburgh, Glasgow, Central Scotland, Aberdeen, London & beyond. We offer general antenatal/postnatal support and advice, including reassurance, discussion of effective labouring positions, pain relief options, birth plan guidance, what to expect whilst in hospital, baby kit and much more. We answer any questions you may have throughout your pregnancy, helping alleviate any worries or fears you may have.

LMS offer support for those with singletons or multiples, we provide feeding support(breast or bottle) sleeping tips, demonstrations and advice on caring for and bathing your newborn, general care for women, newborn and their families. LMS want you to enjoy the transition to parenthood, we wish for you to feel relaxed, comfortable to feel free to ask questions without judgement, safe in the knowledge that you will have a patient, well educated qualified and experienced maternity practitioner who is prepared to focus entirely on you and your family, with no distractions, ensuring a positive and calm postnatal parenting experience & freeing up more precious, fun & enjoyable family time.

LMS support will help you to implement planning, structure and routine, guide and offer practical help through those first few hours, days, weeks or months of parenthood for as long as you wish, until you become fully empowered, confident and happy to carry on independently with your own parenthood journey. Our services are especially beneficial for those women following a cesarean section, complicated pregnancy, labour and birth. We offer support & sign posting for those women who may suffer with postnatal depression and anxiety, we are non-judgemental, our services are available to all. Whatever your families requirements, we are happy to tailor our services to suits you & your family’s lifestyle.

Fully qualified PVG/DBS up to date and vaidated 2019 - References and qualifications all available on request.

Email:info@lothianmaternitysupport.co.uk to book any of our services or if you have any questions we are always happy to advise. 

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Fully insured for all LMS services through BGI, Morton & Michel & Balens UK.