What does a Sleep Nurse or Night Nanny Do?

Our Sleep Nanny & Sleep Nurses carry out work very similar to that of a Maternity Nurse, however, more often during the night with more focus on the baby being settled, they carry out the babies cares, feeding (bring baby to mother during breastfeeding) or give a bottle this could be expressed or formula, whichever feeding option you have chosen Our Sleep Nurses also implement a good routine & sleep pattern, parents can benefit from a good nights rest, the sleep nurse can debrief parents of baby’s sleep/feeding diary in the morning or over email or messenger later that day you are rushing for work, whichever suits the parents. Our Sleep Nurse can offer various tips and advice to help the parents going forward - Newborn Nannies and Sleep Nurses typically work with families from the early days until a good sleeping pattern has been established usually around 12 weeks, often sooner. It may be that the family only requires the Sleep Nurse/Sleep Nanny 2 for 3 days a week or at weekends or simply to allow the parents a good night’ sleep as a one off ore even a weekend away or night out.

Our staff have extensive experience caring for newborns who suffer with colic, silent reflux or poor sleepers and will always provide care with these ailments in mind.

Your sleep is so precious during these early days, Lothian Maternity Support understand this, your baby and other family members will benefit longterm, your family time will become QUALITY TIME It is a luxury you cannot go without, get in touch.

Night Nannies/ Newborn Nanny Cost £22-24 per hour with a minimum of 6 hours per call out - Call 01506 414114 or 07720434345