Doula Scotland - Red Tent (Doula UK Accredited & Scottish Doulas UK)

  • Ante-natal and Postnatal Education 4-6 hrs

  • Birth Advocacy and Support - Your Scottish Doula will be present throughout labour & birth to offer practical, emotional, informational support and advocacy should you require this.

  • Postnatal Support & Debrief Visit - 10 Hours postnatal care also available plus general support via phone, WhatsApp, regular text, email. 2 weeks following the birth of your child. Further postnatal care can be booking as client requires.

  • Support and Advocacy for antenatal appointments required and throughout birth and early postnatal hours whilst in hospital or at home.

  • Doulas for Mothers Fathers & the family unit. LMS & Scottish Doulas UK also offer help for the entire family unit. Some individuals have a genuine phobia of hospitals our supportive doula’s have extensive experience of working within hospitals and will explain and constantly reassure you, answering any questions through the entire labour, birth and early postnatal period. We can help with emotional, practical & informational support for both parents with whatever they require, we will happily stay to support mum whilst dad takes a break should he wish, we can also ensure the family unit runs as smoothly as possible, assisting with the household chores, laundry, light cleaning, preparing meals for other family member & caring for other children for example, school pick ups, taking children to parks or for walks. Even pick up some shopping, nothing is too much trouble for us.

  • Full use of pregnancy library and relevant journals can be accessed as well as up to date research and guidelines set out by National Institute for Care & Health Excellence (NICE) & Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (RCOG).

  • Your Doula will be available on call from 38 weeks of pregnancy until baby is delivered and early postnatal hours.

  • LMS and Scottish Doulas offer placenta encapsulation at a heavily discounted rate for current clients - call for current offers & quote: LMSVIP

Edinburgh, Lothians Central Scotland - £649 - £899

Aberdeen & Borders - £1299 -£1600

Northern England - £1299 - £1600

Available overseas (English speaking) prices vary depending on location 01506 414114

Lothian Maternity Support Doula Service prices include informational antenatal & postnatal supporting in addition to full emotional, advice, advocacy and practical support throughout labour delivery and early postnatal hours and days.

Further postnatal care can be offered at an hourly rate of £18 per hour or 230 per 24 hrs

Payment plans available for all services - Call for further information

Text or call 07720434345

Office: 01506 414114